Enrico Garff

ENRICO GARFF, Italian portrait painter and colourist, domiciled in Finland since 1998. In the 1980s, together with his wife, Garff founded “Zuleika, Colourists of New Intuition”, an artists group including the young Romeo Mesisca, the author Francesco Rizzo, and Angelica Ramini, latterly an actress. In spite of the immediate success of the exhibitions in Lazio (with the unfortunate exception of the event arranged in Caprera), the group split up in 1990. Some of Garff’s most interesting portraits are a handful pictures of authors as well as of famous singers, and particularly among his treasures are the portraits of his mother and the equestrian pictures of his wife, Isabella, in the saddle. In spring 2003, his portrait of President Ahtisaari was unveiled in the Helsinki Palvelukeskus together with “Auringon Pojat”, a seven metre long celebration of the sea and of mythology, of Joy and of Beauty. In his studio, Garff immerses himself intensely in his work, often completing several pictures almost simultaneously; his brush requires usually only two or three sittings per portrait.

(Pharos Élite, Berus)